In clinical trials, many drugs (medicines) will be released into market after all the process. Why do we see some drugs (e.g., cancer or some rare disease related) released even though they can do more harm (possibly SAE) or too many side effects?

The simple answer is: it’s wrong for you to assume that toxic drugs are for our benefit. Detrimental drugs are only withdrawn after billions have already been made, and any out of court settlements for damages are considered part of the regular cost of doing business.

Every patient cured is customer lost. That runs counter to the demand of the current monetary-based economic system, which requires people to work for money in order to have access to all resources for basic survival.

They consider this a healthy competition, of which they are not too willing to start on equal footing. Wherever you look at, the rules are in their favor. But we can defeat the entire system by studying the methods to get ourselves off the grid.

  • In the case of healthcare, you can start with blood electrification that maintains the integrity, or restores when you’ve lost it already, the autoimmune system. Look for Virutron or similar devices to set yourself free from all medical fearmongering.
  • Next, obtain yourself a small farmland where you can do permaculture, hydroponics and aeroponics and start eating healthy food that won’t break the bank.
  • Severe your relationship with your bank by establishing LET, or local exchange trading system, where you can trade with similar like-minded individuals.
  • Research free energy system and build one according to your skill set.

When you are able doing the above minimum off the grid requirements, you can stay away from the current paradigm that you have no hope of changing.

When everyone is doing what you do, then that would be the time the corrupt system itself dies out of obsolescence.

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