How many types of cancer can we cure?


Our body has been battling cancer even before it happens.

What makes it fail then, which allowed cancer to finally manifest itself?

  1. A defeated autoimmune system which has otherwise been protecting us from all parasitic infections since the day we were born. Organ level infections prevent homeostasis which otherwise makes real time healing possible;
  2. Massive chemical intoxication from the industrially processed food we ate, fluoridized municipal water, and all other pollutants;
  3. Electromagnetic radiation that alters the behavior of cells, or its environment.

If we can proactively rectify the above factors, we can heal all types of cancer.

Logically, however, we cannot rectify chemical intoxication with more toxic chemicals like chemo. That’s a dead end.

The only saner approach is to use electrical forces to attenuate the parasites partly causing the failure of specialized cells fail to perform their assigned tasks.

The most obvious advantage of using electricity is its ability to kill all parasites without any discrimination whatsoever. So, even if you’re not good with bacteriology, you can still do it.

The second complementary approach is to neutralize chemical intoxication by dilution using water. Generous amounts of water intake facilitate the exit of all toxic chemicals that are already in the body.

Once your body is free from toxicity and parasitic infection, the cells then are able to perform according to their specialized function, and start the healing process.

To put it simply, it is only the body that can cure itself and nothing else. All we need to do is provide the right environment for cellular survival and the cells are smart enough to do that which is needed to be done.

Again, the use of toxic chemicals further weakened the already compromised cells. It’s a no brainer to not use them even in desperate circumstances.


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