How is cancer induced or injected into someone?

The technical description of what causes cancer says that:

“…cell splits (happens a lot in your body) and DNA isn’t properly copied over that’s the beginning then that cell with bad dna splits again this time possibly with an even worse copy from this spot one of 3 things can happen the cell can realize that it isn’t functioning right and will self destruct (not exactly but it’s the best way to explain it) 2.) the cells around it will see how bad the cell is and eat it/kill it 3.) cell stays incognito and keeps on dividing eventually you will have a army of cells with a bad dna copies and they can start harming the organ or part of body they are present in. It’s also possible that it could be something minor like a mole or unnatural beauty mark.” – Danyaal Khan

However, that doesn’t explain why cells are behaving so.

Nobel laureate Otto Warburg says that all it takes to have cancer is oxygen depletion at the cellular level. That’s common sense, of course. However, this one also leads to another question about why there is depletion of oxygen.

The simple answer is increased level of acidity, or acidosis.

Remember, you will become more acidic if there’s not enough oxygen in your blood, or that your hydrogen level is high, which makes the blood and tissues acidic. When the two elements are in perfect balance, you will have more water that the body needs for proper detoxification and energy.

Water is the ultimate source of your energy, i.e. hydrogen is explosive, so when water splits, you produce hydrogen that in a normal body eventually causes heat. Otherwise, it increases acidity without enough oxygen to “partner” with.

The cure is to increase your blood’s pH, or potential for hydrogen, by increasing your oxygen through ozonization, or by drinking 5% baking soda solution, or both.

Baking soda solution reacts with stomach acidic fluid to emit oxygen thereto. An ozonizer can be used to ozonized your drinking water. Ozone is triatomic oxygen that readily kicks out its third oxygen atom when it can.

If cancer, however, is caused by any microbial and viral infections, which leads to eventual defeat of the auto-immune system, then the more intelligent approach is to electrify the artery where the parasites are flowing with through the bloodstream. Again, you can do this non-invasively through a device called Virutron.

Eliminate the threat of FDA-approved drugs, avoid the risks of hospitalization, help the body cure itself from cancer, and bypass the need for vaccination with the Virutron Full Spectrum Antiviral + NeuroSweep CES System and a good, reliable water ozonizer.

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