“My monthly period used to be painful and it stinks a lot. Some blood clots were also observable. But now all of it are gone, and the period seems to be more regular. Thanks for introducing this machine to us.”


“In my case the results so far are very positive, I was suffering for a long time from sinusitis and hemorrhoids which are now practically gone. I’m in week 7 of my treatment…”

Poet Warrior

“Amazing healing for most of our people and without a doubt increased energy by everyone. Establishing logs and testimonials of course with so much going on… when we have four or five people sitting around to be electrified or waiting for their partner to finish there is a continual laughing and joking of high humor with insightful conversation continually…. most amazing.

​Thanking you for your support and the wonderful time for me and my friends to retrieve energy without side effects which lifts spirits and eases pain.​” – June 28, 2018


“I will have more questions as I go through my detoxification protocol but I just wanted to thank you for backing your product up with such excellence in customer service…

My skin rash creates panic and you got back to me quickly with precise information. I believe that your advice will work… it all makes sense.

Thanks again, sincerely.”

Brian, UK

“What you’ve created is an encyclopaedia of what it takes to live well and live long. Many thanks!”

Poet Warrior

“As a group we are paying close attention to detox failures of course…. everyone is so very appreciative of the rebound of energy without any negative side effects and the economy of each session being just electricity…” – 22 June 2018

Poet Warrior

“We have been using the cancer-buster for three weeks since delivery…. currently there are eight people (from 55 to 78 yrs) using it daily… following the guide lines outlined in the manual…. all is going very well…. my personal use has been steady for three weeks now using it 1 hour daily…. tremendous energy all day compared to just months ago…” – June 18, 2016


“I’m going to buy some supplies later today and begin my eTherapy Saturday morning after breakfast.

Just so you know, I’ve been drinking ozonated water pretty much every hour and baking soda solution every morning. My energy level has never been better. I don’t feel lethargic in the morning as I usually do.

I’ve been sharing these wonderful things with others who are suffering from cancer among other ailments.

Thanks for what you do!”

Tom, Australia

“I like the new additions to the book. They make the information more user friendly.

I very much look forward to getting a copy of the alternative energy book you are working on. Any idea about a finish date?? Can you send me an e-mail notification when it is ready for purchase? That would be great. I am in the process of reading the new edition and digesting the new info. Great work!! Keep it up!!

Thanks for all your help!”


“What a fantastic book, it is going to take me sometime to digest all the info, some of info I have known since 1974 and it is hard to show the sheep, what is going on, this book will help greatly in that endeavor. I need a hard physical address to donate, thank you.”

Note: Henry’s donation is still in my bookshelf even today. It’s just so beautiful to feel to be of service to somebody in need. – admin