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Building A Cozy Cabin Under $4,000

Living off-grid means taking more responsibilities for yourself rather than relying on the middlemen who just want to exploit your need for them.

Living off-grid means avoiding oneself from being trapped into the sucking vortex of debt, the very thing that robs you of your freedom.

Building a house through a full color mortgage brochure is one of those traps that suck us into a web of debt that will span for the next twenty or so miserable years.

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This Man Built A Hobbit House In Just 4 Months

Building a house is more than just a dream for most of us. It is the crowning jewel for all the hard work and it should look and feel the way we wanted it to be.

The more elaborate designs do cost a lot from their conception, building and up to the point that the dwellers are using them. However, a house need not be as big just to satisfy the ego.

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15 Beautiful Off-Grid Homes We’d Like to Live In

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The idea of eschewing electricity, running water, and the white picket fence is a terrifying prospect for the average American. Based on the number of modern off-grid homes in remote locations that rely on the sun and wind for energy, others clearly disagree. Earlier this week, we were charmed by an efficient, beautiful home located in the middle of a cornfield. We feature it past the break, along with other sustainable houses far from the rat race. These stunning, alternative abodes make a strong argument for unplugging and creating a green oasis away from it all.

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