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Chemotherapy: How did Mustard Gas get into Your Veins?

How many people ask their MD questions about chemotherapy? Have you ever wondered how such a toxic substance (so toxic that those who administer it must wear gowns and gloves) became the “standard of care” for cancer? The truth of its origin is as far away from a scientific laboratory as one could imagine! Continue reading Chemotherapy: How did Mustard Gas get into Your Veins?

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The Most Censored Health News Stories of 2014

Relevant health news are one of those closely guarded media topics that the Cabal, who appointed talking heads at the top echelons of the government and other regulatory institutions, have full controlled of.

We cannot expect the mass media outlets to tell us the Whole Story.

Cherry picking on the topics of the day, there’s no real education whatsoever. Only the endless cycle of mindless crap that keep us entertained and distracted.

The only consolation is the fact that we now have the internet. Today, we can collate our own news and be empowered by the free flowing of knowledge and ideas.

It is therefore imperative that we must protect the Net from being subjugated by the global-wide Organized Crime Cabal, and sustained the massive awakening that would someday led us to our collective freedom from the clutches of legalized slavery and institutionalized eugenics.

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Youngest Medical Cannabis Patient Is Curing Her Cancer

cannPaediatric cannabis therapy is saving children. Awareness is the most important thing at this moment. This young lady is finishing up her last bit of required chemotherapy (because she is a child,  her parents had no choice) treatment, so take a moment to send her your love and healing vibes, and then read away. You can stay updated on her story via the links throughout this article (in bold), which will take you to her Facebook page which is run by her parents, and her website.

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Why does our body’s pH matters?

Parasites prefer acidic environment. They replicate faster when our pH falls below 7.41 for the blood. In fact, all cancer patients are grossly acidic and the continued use of chemotherapy may not be in their best interest.

Empirically, there’s a reason why we vomit when we have too much liquor the night before, especially with an empty stomach. That is acidity shooting up to the point that the whole system just can’t take it anymore.

So, why should we take substances that the body itself refuses to accept?

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Ozone Therapy Can Cure Ebola

Here at eClinik, ozone therapy is just one part of the whole eTherapy protocol as described on our homepage.

But even with this one treatment alone, a decisive method to cure Ebola is found.

This is what one doctor has found as he announced the first case of cured patient from the dreaded Ebola viral infection.

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8 Proofs We Don’t Need GMOs to Feed the World

Do we really need Monsanto’s GMOs to feed the world? Looking at the research and the studies, the answer is quite clear. Let’s take a look at the 8 proofs that we most certainly do not need GMOs to feed the world:

1. One Organic Rooftop Farm Can Feed 9000 People


One organic rooftop farm can feed 9000 people. They don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and they provide fresh produce to their community year-round (1). This is a big slap in the face to the biotech companies who lie, saying that GMO is needed to feed the world. This is only one urban farm bucking the system.

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