Ozone Generator Air Purifier for Refrigerator Bathroom Wardrobe Disinfection

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Portable Ozone Air Purifier GL-136 is compact and exquisitely designed.

Powered by 4AA batteries, it has 2 running modes…

  • Normal level : work 10 minutes ,stop 20 minutes, automatically shut down after 8 hours
  • Energy-saving level: continue work for 2 hours , and then stop; 4 x AA batteries can provide continuous use of GL-136 for 30-40 hours

By producing ozone, the Portable Ozone Air Purifier GL-136 can…

  • Eliminate unpleasant odors in your fridge or car, and prevent cross-contamination of odors;
  • Eliminate bacteria, viruses and inhibits the growth of mildew;
  • Retain freshness and extend the storage life of foods;
  • Remove smoke, dust and the smell of leather. Moreover, alleviates car sickness;
  • Sterilization from various respiratory diseases and prevent cross infection;
  • Eliminates toxic air and chemical vapors, kill airborne toxins, harmful cancer-causing bacteria, viruses;

Other Uses

  • Shoe Box. Suffocates bacteria inside shoe cabinet, removes bad odor, and prevents cross infection with other fungi.
  • Closet. Kills bacteria, removes formaldehyde, prevents possible insect infestation.
  • Bathroom. Effectively inhibits breeding of bacteria in the bathroom, and removes annoying odor.
  • Kitchen. Cleans the air, removes odors.

This product is in line with our eTherapy Protocol, as stipulated in our own Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook – Premium Edition. Please download for the complete instruction.


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