1 set Blood Electrifier Pro + CES / tDCS Device, Free Powerbank 16000mAh*

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This is the best implementation of the Beck Protocol, i.e. blood electrification / cranial electro-stimulation CES and the best option for tDCS research. FREE shipping and free high capacity Powerbank for the first 99 customers. Delivery starts in the middle of March 2018.


This unit is a professional blood electrification and a neuro-electrostimulation device consisting of a high precision, high performance, large scale FPGA integrated circuit that provides 200 million samples per second resolution, which makes every wave cycle as distortion free as possible. At the heart of the system is a high-speed MCU microprocessor and a high precision oscillator which makes the signal more stable. The device is also linkable to your personal computer for downloading customized waveforms and any other adjustments.

WARNING: Please use 12v battery only during treatment to avoid line voltage electrocution. If you use a car battery for this purpose, perform your treatment in a well-ventilated area. A lead acid car battery can emit explosive hydrogen gases, especially when recharging. Otherwise, use a rechargeable 12vdc Powerbank.

PROMO: We are giving away a high-capacity 16000 mAh Powerbank for FREE for the first 99 customers!

Blood Electrification

The blood electrification technology itself is based on the shelved US Patent 5188738 issued on the research and method formulated by Dr. Steven Kaali, et al, which is proven to neutralize all known and unknown parasites, fungus, microbes, and viruses (including HIV-AIDS virus), but does not render the healthy blood cells unfit for the human body. Once all parasites are gone, more than 2,000 neuropeptides will start to regenerate, among them is interferon, which interferes the growth of cancer cells and restore the full functionality of the immune system.

Once the immune system is fully restored, it can start to rid the organs of their viral and microbial infections, which in turn allow the latter to restore the body’s stability through a process known as homeostasis.

When the body is stable and all systems are functioning normally, regeneration of healthy cells can occur to repair the damaged organs and all other tissues.

With this device, you can do the blood electrification non-invasively, or without blood extraction as described in the patent.

The full restoration of your immune system is the key to getting rid of any known and unknown ailments you might have, including cancer and AIDS.

WARNING: Being the most potent anti-viral/anti-microbial protocol there is, the use of this device for blood electrification absolutely requires the end-user to drink generous amounts of water, at least 1 glass per 10 lbs. of body weight, daily and preferably ozonized, to help in the removal of toxins arising from the high volume of neutralized parasites throughout the entire duration of your eTherapy.

Stop the blood electrification treatment immediately when signs of detoxification failure are present, e.g. headache, fever, jaundice, fatigue, or malaise, and the more reason that you need to continue the consumption of generous amounts of water during this period. The failure to do so may result in an irreversible kidney, spleen and liver damage.

Understand that with this device, parasitic neutralization is the easiest part, but we cannot do the detoxification for you. Be responsible. You are now in full control of your own health.


Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) is a subject of 6 decades of independent research and patents, which continue to prove its validity as one of the safest treatments for depression, schizophrenia, migraine, addiction, epilepsy, aphasia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, etc.

CES uses alternating current (AC) up to 111.11 cycles per second (Beck). This device is also capable of going beyond that frequency for possible use in bone regeneration (Becker) using an extremely low galvanic voltage.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), on the other hand, is a newer concept using direct current (DC) on certain parts of the cranium. Practitioners have claimed that it increases their cognitive abilities and cured their depression. The patent application on tDCS, US20130079659 A1, is funded and developed under Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 between Sandia Corporation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The device comes with a separate high capacity Powerbank for safer off-grid eTherapy treatment, and with high-quality accessories for long, reliable use. It also comes with an easy to follow User Manual that includes a concise Getting Started section, a quick guide of the front panel controls, and a separate, detailed discussion of our research on the subject.

WARNING: For CES and tDCS applications, always start at the lowest amplitude by setting the relevant knobs prior to plugging the electrode pads in. Experts on the practice have determined that 2.0mA is enough to have a significant effect that would last for 24 hours, at least. You are therefore required to have your own multimeter for monitoring actual current flow during the CES / tDCS treatments.


  • Multiple preset wave formats for flexible and wider therapeutic applications:
    • Sine wave – very useful for CES / tDCS treatments;
    • Square wave – very effective for neutralizing all types of parasites and viruses;
    • Triangular wave – used effectively together with sawtooth and square waves to treat tinnitus;
    • Sawtooth wave – used effectively together with triangular wave and square waves to treat tinnitus;
  • Through the aid of a software, the unit also supports arbitrary user-defined waveforms for a broader exploration with transcranial electrostimulation. Predefined waveforms can also be downloaded from the PC to the unit through the USB port. Up to 10 groups of user-defined parameters can be stored in the device;
  • For blood electrification, you can set the frequency between 4Hz and 11Hz with near perfect square wave format, at fully adjustable duty cycles (the length of time that the current flows for every cycle). This is very useful when disorienting the parasites every treatment session, i.e. all parasites will never achieve electrical resistance, if that is even possible with uniform duty cycles and static frequencies;
  • For CES applications, the near perfect sine wave is necessary to avoid odd harmonics inherent in many low-cost, fundamentally square wave CES devices that are prevalent in the market. The unit is also capable of sweeping a set of user-defined frequencies, say between 4Hz and 111 Hz for multiple effects;
  • The signal amplitude range for CH1 and CH2 is fully adjustable from 5mV (peak to peak) to 20V (peak to peak), and its DC offset adjustment ranges between -120% and +120%. This is very useful for tDCS applications wherein you need to follow that strict polarity of the electrodes in the specific regions of the brain;
  • The amplified signal available at the back terminals can reach as high as 60V (peak to peak) for all wave formats. This means that you have pretty wide latitude in your blood electrification program.
  • The unit comes with all the peripheral components and supplies needed to start the treatments upon receipt;
  • To ensure the user’s safety, the unit is offered together with a high capacity powerbank that should be used to power the unit every treatment session, whether CES or blood electrification. It can also be used for emergency situations, e.g. mobile charging and car jump-starting.
  • Standard short circuit protection is also built into the device, and the whole package is fully compliant with all known medical and electrical regulations.

The Beck’s blood electrification protocol, which is based on the same patent shown above and has already saved thousands of cancer and AIDS victims since its first release in 1990s, and as thoroughly discussed in our Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook, deserves nothing less than the finest version so far.

In addition to the User Manual accompanying this device, the purchase of this unit will also include the relevant, fully illustrated DIY instructions from that eBook.

Package List

  • 1 unit Direct Digital Synthesis BE+CES Pro Device
  • 2 sets Treatment Cables
  • 12 pairs Treatment Pads, medical grade
  • 2 bottles Treatment Gel, medical grade
  • 1 unit micro-CD for PC Software installation and User Manual
  • 1 unit 12v Powerbank, 16,000mAh capacity*

* The high-capacity Powerbank is FREE for the first 99 customers only.

** We will start shipping the units in March 2018. Fully refundable pre-order processing is accepted.

FREE Shipping

The price includes free shipping to most countries worldwide. We will choose the best option for our mutual benefit. Click here for more information on shipping and delivery.


Full 1 year for parts and labor in case the unit needs repair. The unit can also be returned within the first week from receipt thereof. This warranty does not include all wires/cables and consumables that come with the package. For a complete information of our terms and policies, please click on Refund and Return Policy, and all other relevant links at the bottom of this page.


The actual device may have a different color due to difference in lighting, camera and monitor settings. Likewise, the labels and description on the front panel may not be reflective of its indicated purpose and for which it is intended, due to UCC and other legal restrictions. However, all the technical specifications stipulated above remain true and correct.

We are also required to not make any therapeutic claims even when we have cured our own ailments a decade ago, and that we continue to enjoy a drugless existence ever since.

The CES technology is an FDA regulated technology, and is prescribed to US war veterans who prefer a non-drug intervention for PTSD, and for active duty personnel through the “Warrior combat Stress Reset Program” at:

  • Fort Hood, Texas
  • Fort Campbell, Kentucky
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington
  • Naval Hospital, Bremerton, Washington
  • Combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

… while the tDCS is still considered as an experimental modality by the medical establishment.

It is therefore considered that the sale and acceptance of this device is solely of your own decision, and that its full, proper implementation is left to your own discretion, as a responsible Sovereign Human Being. If you disagree with all the foregoing statement, please don’t buy this device.

Additional information

Waveform Options

Sine, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth Wave and Arbitrary Waveforms

Arbitrary Waveforms

Up to 16 user-defined waveforms

Frequency Range

0.01Hz to 80kHz

Amplitude Resolution

12 bits

Min. Frequency Resolution

10 mHz

Memory Depth per Waveform


Frequency Stability


Frequency Error



12v DC


Output short-circuit / input over-voltage


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