2 thoughts on “Chemtrail2

  1. Interesting stuff it is alleged to be spreading and for some reason the names are mostly german. Actually the reason they are in german is that this picture was taken from a german satirical site like The Onion. Kaubonbonium = Chewy Sweet-onium; Cyberkulose = made up word; Nickelodeon = a well-known children’s TV channel; Styroporflocken = styrofoam flakes; Air Wick = a household air freshener; Spinneneier = spider eggs; Cirrostratus Extrakt = Extract of a cloud; herk├Âmmliches Waschmittel = standard washing powder; Farbstoffe und Konservierungsmittel = colourings and preservatives.

  2. What the hell, WHO thinks this SH** up?

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