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Monsanto Gives Up Europe


The company that’s been playing God with all of us is giving up its influence in Europe.

Monsanto epitomizes all that is evil in the world of Corporatocracy we are all in.

We should be aware that this company is everywhere.

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It’s almost surreal, but it’s true. Monsanto has officially give up its fight to spread genetically modified seeds and plants throughout Europe.

In a time when the power and political influence of Monsanto Co. seems nearly insurmountable, this is a huge victory for opponents of genetic engineering. For those in the U.S. and other countries where Monsanto’s stranglehold is palpable, it serves as a rally cry to keep up the good fight.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that this has no broad acceptance at the moment,” Monsanto Germany spokeswoman, Ursula Lüttmer-Ouazane, told Taz, a Geman newspaper. According to Reuters, European officials for Monsanto also told Taz “that they were no longer doing any lobby work for cultivation in Europe and not seeking any new approvals for genetically modified plants.”

Just as in the United States, millions of European citizens have spoken out against Monsanto’s unchecked control of agriculture through the use of patented, genetically-modified seeds and plants.

A recent poll in Europe found that 60% of respondents considered “Frankencrops” a threat to public health. In 2007, the United States launched a planned retaliation against European countries for refusing to take GMOs into their food chains. In 2009 Monsanto sued Germany because it banned these products, reported in late 2012.

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We should not stop the rage until the last seed of Monsanto is crushed.

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If you are looking for practical solutions to most, if not all, healthcare problems, you have come to the right place!

The methods that you will learn here are not only affordable but is decisively effective even to those classified as incurables.

Most of all, the components of this protocol, which are either patented or tested to work for thousands of years, are easy  to understand and implement right at the comfort of your home.

Grab your own copy of the highly praised Towards Healthcare Emancipation – Second Edition NOW!

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Vermont could be first US state to mandate GMO food labeling

Vermont seemed more likely than ever to become the first US state to mandate the labeling of genetically modified food (GMO) after a bill passed the state house, though legislators worry about a lawsuit threat from biotech giant Monsanto.

Similar bills seeking to provide consumers with labels at the grocery store that highlight what products contain GMOs have recently failed. In California, a ballot initiative which bypassed Congress after receiving 850,000 signatures was defeated in 2012 after a large consortium of biotech companies including Monsanto spent some $50 million on an ad blitz against the legislation.

As RT reported in late April, a new federal bill which would mandate the labeling of GMOs, the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act, was introduced by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR). Though few expect such laws to pass on a national level, the bill was notable for its inclusion of a wider base of bipartisan support, with nine Senate co-sponsors and 22 cosponsors in the House.

Though sixty-four other countries, including EU members, China, Russia, Brazil, India and Japan already have existing regulations in place to label GMOs for consumers the issue is a highly contentious one in the US, both at the federal and state level.

According to Senator Boxer, more than 90 per cent of Americans support the labeling of genetically engineered products. Though the Food and Drug Administration requires the labeling of over 3,000 ingredients, additives and processes it does not consider GMOs to be “materially” different as they cannot be tasted, smelled or identified by consumers by other means.

A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally in support of the state's upcoming Proposition 37 ballot measure in San Francisco, California October 6, 2012. (Reuters / Stephen Lam)

A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally in support of the state’s upcoming Proposition 37 ballot measure in San Francisco, California October 6, 2012. (Reuters / Stephen Lam)

Legally, part of the argument for labeling GMOs rests on the US Patent and Trademark Office determination that GMOs are in actually materially different and novel, at least for patents filed by the biotech companies that produce and sell these products.

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Exceptional Advantages & Benefits

The primary technology and method described in our eBook are patented to work as claimed. We have also verified the same and we find them very effective for all types of diseases even to those classified as incurables, e.g. hepatitis, vasculitis, leukemia, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, hypertension…

The eTreatments are uncompromisingly very effective and the recovery is very decisive. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] for more explanations and precautions.

You can have the same experience when you follow all instructions in our fully illustrated DIY eBook that ensures healthcare freedom for all!

eBook Features
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Anti-Viral System Benefits & Advantages
  • non-chemo
  • non-herbal
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  • extremely low cost
  • do-it-yourself
  • non-toxic
  • non-consumable
  • no blood contamination
  • transparent results
  • complete privacy
  • no side-effects
  • low overall costs
  • non-regressive
  • verifiable in 2-3 months
  • no financial risks
  • no discrimination
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Patented, Tested & Easy as 1-2-3!

Practical and doable solutions, that’s the awesome qualities of the technologies presented in this groundbreaking book. However, those same qualities are the reason why the would be reader, conditioned with the “complicated approach must be good” mindset, is skeptical at first.Getting past the conventional assumptions, and really implementing the protocol erases all doubt forever.

We have tested it on countless individuals. Dr. Robert C. Beck himself tested it, in collaboration with doctors and a laboratory, on more than a hundred AIDS and cancer patients.

And if our words are not enough, extract a dish of your blood and electrify it. Peek through a microscope before and after this procedure. If there are still microbes moving around then, don’t use this protocol.

It’s that easy to verify the reliability of this method.

Don’t get us wrong though. The protocol described in this eBook is not that invasive. There’s no need for blood extraction during the treatment or for diagnostic purposes. Your body will stay intact throughout the whole exercise.

There’s no possibility for blood contamination either as is common with conventional methods, e.g. haemodialysis.
Dr. Kaali has solved this problem for us, as early as 1993.


This patent covers a solution to AIDS and cancer, and yet the mainstream media are still parroting that such discovery does not exist. So why are you still listening to them?

Act for your own self, and be the captain of your own soul. Don’t let the Corporations dictate the fate of your own lives.

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Book Reviews

The reviews just keep on coming…

Dear Ed,

I already read 125 pages the first night after I discovered your book. You saved me a lot of work! It is the type of book I wanted to write, so thanks for saving me the trouble.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago I started my research and turned down the allopathic therapies, although I was operated on twice because I could learn fast enough and was like everybody else naief. I see the big picture like you.

Take care and I hope my donation helps in cracking the free energy puzzle 🙂

If you wanna know more about me please check

In dutch though!

TXS again,

Linda W


Just purchased your Ebook  order # 967.Bought with the hopes of being able to print it off. Reading the fine print it sounds like it might be allowed.

I asked the question at an earlier date and you said it was  O.K. I could do it myself but for the amount of pages i would rather take it to a printing company, but in reading the copyright to them  over the phone ( the one at he start of the book and the one that’s at the bottom of most of the pages) they question if it is right to make a copy, and would need to read the copyright themselves.I prefer reading hard copies of books so if you could confirm if it is O.K. to make a copy, and if so how can i convince them it is all good.

Book looks great i can’t image the time putting it all together, keep hungering for the truth.




THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Link worked great. Downloaded a copy to my phone and computer so I can have access at my convenience.

I like the new additions to the book. They make the information more user friendly.

I very much look forward to getting a copy of the alternative energy book you are working on. Any idea about a finish date?? Can you send me an e-mail notification when it is ready for purchase? That would be great. I am in the process of reading the new edition and digesting the new info. Great work!! Keep it up!!

Thanks for all your help!



What a fantastic book, it is going to take me sometime to digest all the info, some of info I have known since 1974 and it is hard to show the sheep, what is going on, this book will help greatly in that endeavor. I need a hard physical address to donate, thank you.

Henry R. F.


Comments to the First Edition

Early on, we’ve received countless testimonials to the credit of the work we do. Some of them are the following:

I am extremely impressed with the format, graphics, and pictures. This isn’t just text.. it’s a fully illustrated, well thought out and put together work of art.



What you’ve created is an encyclopaedia of what it takes to live well and live long. Many thanks!

Brian T, UK


…, I would like to thank you very much for this amazing book!!!  I’ve read the whole thing in the last 2/3 days and must say it’s been very inspiring…

Nolan L, UK


Thank you for all your time and effort. I have not finished the ebook yet. It is chocked full of excellent information and I am looking forward to getting the supplies and experimenting with this technology. When I get my disability check I’m going to send you some more of the paper money for I have shared this with a couple of people, I hope that is/was ok for they would have not bought it for themselves but now they are reading it. My dearest thanks to you, you are a true brother. In loving grace,



Thank you for writing a book that covers so much great info in a way that simpletons like me can understand. I’m looking forward to the next book.



I’m fully convinced about the technologies that you’ve presented and from hereon I will follow all your advice. They are very practical and everyone should be doing the same. Thank you very much for what you do.

Lisa, Connecticut USA


Your research work is excellent and scientific. I am now practicing your recommendations. Thank you very much!

Thomas Tong, Ph.D.


What I like most about this book is that, not only does it give you a complete picture of why the [medical] world is behaving like it is; it presents a very comprehensive yet uncomplicated solution. A solution that is inexpensive, everybody should be doing it as I am.

This is beyond healthcare freedom!

Ed, a million thanks to you. You are a lifesaver and a true brother indeed.

Richard, AUS

May we add that those who have experienced the benefits of eTherapy Protocol have chosen to keep their privacy intact and, as always, we respect that. However, there are those whose gratitude can’t be muted such that they chose to contribute to the effort of spreading healthcare freedom by keeping our blog alive.

May we emphasize further that the above reviews were for the 1st edition only. We have since then pushed the envelope even farther and better this time with the just released Towards Healthcare Emancipation – 2nd Edition.

Without the benefit of online ads, our 1st edition page received several endorsements from those who have downloaded the eBook, like so:


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We are fully indebted.

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Thank you very much. Mabuhay!

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More Illustrations & Diagrams

Those who have downloaded the 1st edition were all praises. But even then, we decided to push it even better, this time with more than a hundred illustrations and diagrams!

With only one goal in mind, i.e. to encourage the non-techie to assemble the gadgets, we made the diagrams as non-technical as possible.

Not only that we have made your job easier, we are still offering FREE email support to those who would want to replicate eClinik in their homes.

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Support Us

We are an independent researcher and developer of useful technologies that may help everyone in the area of free energy. It is our desire to write an instructional eBook for translating highly technical discussions pertaining to the subject, so that it can be made available without restrictions and limitations of its productive use.

As such, it has become apparent that we need to acquire laboratory instruments and materials that are beyond our present means. This is where everyone could come in.

The strategy that we use in order to raise the needed funds was the publication of the eBook on healthcare freedom titled “Towards Healthcare Emancipation” now on its Second Edition. However, in spite of its highly positive reviews, it has not brought enough funds to continue the project due to persistent refusal for publication by big eBook online stores.

We are, therefore, asking for your help in disseminating this helpful information to as many as you can, so that finally we can continue with our work.

Thank you very much. Mabuhay!