Bringing Down Big Pharma, One Lawsuit at a Time

There appears to be a loosely organized effort to bring down Big Pharma for its crime against humanity. This effort is backed up not only by a cadre of high caliber experts in the practice of law, but also of armed and intelligence components ensuring the safety of witnesses and whistleblowers.

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Forsaking California: Catastrophic Methane Gas Leak Ignored by Mainstream Media

It’s still fresh in everyone’s mind when the State of California was hit with the worst drought in decades. Several researchers have observed persistent anomalous high temperature readings exclusively in the area leading some to suspect a deliberate HAARP attack. Today, another environmental disaster is developing in Los Angeles, California, and the mainstream media is […]

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Zika’s Towering Non-Evidence

Every sinister operation that the biggest Organized Crime Syndicate on the planet is unleashing upon the unsuspecting public is laced with multiple objectives, i.e. geopolitical, economics, psychological, medical objectives, etc. The Zika virus “epidemic” is just another one of them and it is time to see the bigger picture.

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