About Us

About Us

CancerBuster is home to the safest and most effective cancer protocol today.

It is advised that one should explore eTherapy first before going into the more drastic battery of “kill-all” chemical and radioactive protocols. You don’t need to sacrifice your own healthy cells just so you could eliminate the cancer cells.

The best strategy to defeat cancer is always to help the immune system to its full recovery first, since it is the most intelligent faculty which knows exactly how to deal with all the diseases that one might have. This is only possible through the use of non-toxic treatments in a properly informed and responsible patient.

To properly inform the patient is exactly what we did for the last 9 years, after we have cured ourselves of our own ailments. We persistently advocated for a non-drug holistic approach against cancer and all other immune system deficiencies.

Now, we are taking this endeavor to the next level by providing the actual devices needed to build your own eClinik at home. This is our response to the informed sector’s clamor to have their treatment centers in their own communities.

We are looking forward to the day when the welfare of the patient supplants that of Big Pharma’s profit motive.

We will change the healthcare landscape together!

CancerBuster Team

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