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Autism is Not Valid for Vaccine Injury Claims Anymore

The risks associated with vaccination keep on mounting in favor of the Big Pharma industry. The vaccine injured can no longer expect any amount of compensation from the Eugenicist criminals, aside from attorney’s fees and travel allowances for attending court hearings. In fact, even claims for attorney’s fee will also be ignored from hereon.

In one of the latest Vaccine Court decisions this year, petitioners BRUCE ANDERSON and DONNA ANDERSON, as parents and natural guardians of R.A., a minor, were granted as compensation $141,507.30 for the case they filed on October, 1, 2002 that alleges “the measles-mumps-rubella (“MMR”) vaccine that R.A. received on December 13, 1999, resulted in a disorder of energy metabolism associated with autistic regression and multi-system dysfunction.”

Bear in mind that the award only compensates for the monetary expenses incurred during the 15-year legal battle, and conveniently forgot about the actual damage that said vaccine inflicted on the health and future of the victim.

So, anybody who owns a pharmaceutical company will just charge the $141,507.30 amount that was awarded to the victims as part of the normal cost of running the business and perhaps even get a tax credit for it.

In its Comment on Appropriateness of Fees in Autism Cases Going Forward, the Vaccine Court stipulated:

“This matter has required nearly fifteen years to resolve. In that time, no non-Table claims asserting autism as a vaccine injury have succeeded.  Absent  a  shocking  and  unanticipated scientific research result that upends what is presently understood about the lack of a relationship between  vaccines  and  autism,  none  are  likely  to  in  the  future.

The Office of Special Masters (inundated as it is with meritorious filings involving actionable injuries) has determined that autism injury cases are not to be encouraged going forward – and this means that it is no longer reasonable for Program attorneys to bring such claims.  If they do so, they certainly should not expect compensation for work performed on them.”

This now begs the question why should we vaccinate our children to begin with, if the Vaccine Court itself does not act as a strong deterrence against pharmaceutical abuse, but only as another layer of the Public Relations Department of the vaccine industry?

The Special Masters are appointed by a majority vote of the Court of Federal Claims judges. Those judges, in turn, are appointed by the president and approved by the US Senate. They are supposedly honorable, special, and we should trust their wisdom whenever they perform their designated functions.

As per its own statistics, the Vaccine Court has compensated $2 billion for post-1988 cases, and $900 million for pre-1988 cases, like so:

As of March 1, 2010, 13,330 cases have been filed, 5,617 representing autism cases.  Of the total, 7,397 have been adjudicated, with 2,409 being compensated.

Claims arising from vaccinations given prior to October 1, 1988, were paid from general appropriations. Petitioners filed 4,259 pre-1988 claims, with 1,187 being compensated.  Over 900 million dollars of general revenue was paid for pre-October 1988 cases, including attorneys’ fees at a statutorily-capped level.

Payments for post- October 1988 cases come from a trust fund supported by an excise tax one each antigen of vaccine that is covered by the Program. Thus far, 9,071 post-1988 claims have been filed, with 1,222 being compensated.  5,933 cases remain pending.  Most of the pending claims involve autism; those petitioners have asked that the Special Masters defer proceedings on their claims until rulings in the “autism test cases” become final.  Almost 2 billion dollars has been paid in compensation from the trust fund for the post- 1988 cases, including attorneys’ fees and costs.

There is currently over 3 billion dollars in the trust fund. There is a wide range of awards depending on the severity of injury, with the highest award currently being $9.1 million in present dollars.  See for more detailed statistical information regarding the VICP.

What this means is that there is indeed a considerable number of actual cases file for vaccine injuries that the system is trying to resolve, and for which the corporate media continue to downplay.

Most legitimate vaccine cases the federal court sees aren’t about the extremely minimal risks of vaccines. The vast majority are prompted by people who’ve been jabbed the wrong way with a needle. The court calls this a Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA), and these claims account for half of all cases vaccine court sees.

More dubious claims stem from fears that vaccines cause autism— which, to be clear, is false — or result from people who’ve been injured by something other than a vaccine coming forward to claim cash.

Yeah, we are only after getting cash for “shoulder injury,” and autism is just a “dubious” claim.

Isn’t the claim that vaccines protect the recipient dubious in itself, i. e. how can an injected virus protect you from that same virus?

The same mainstream article also explains to us that:

“Vaccines are meant to put our bodies on alert by triggering immune reactions to weakened and killed versions of the diseases they protect against.”

How can the auto-immune system prepare itself from a “weakened and killed versions of the diseases”?

Understand that the natural world has this readily verifiable characteristic that for every action, there must be an equal, but opposite reaction. Therefore, a “weakened and killed versions of the diseases” will only trigger a proportionately “weakened and killed version” of your autoimmune response. In other words, it is an absolutely useless exercise, and a risky pseudoscience, to say the least.

What protects you prior, during and post vaccination is your own autoimmune system that has to work doubly hard when viruses from vaccination are present. That’s why Sanofi suddenly required the Philippine government to use their Dengvaxia vaccine only after the child is confirmed to have been infected with the Dengue virus. The same advisory came only after 834,000 were already vaccinated without being informed of that same prerequisite, and of which 600 were already dead, while 12,000 are recorded today as injured.

Aa revolting as it is, the sheer number of cases filed for vaccine injuries, while underscoring its attendant risks, are translated into percentages so that the number gets perceptibly smaller to justify the continuance of such useless and dangerous exercise.

Over time, though, the rise of more vaccine injuries will certainly overload the Vaccine Court, and discourages the parents of vaccine victims to take the same action against the system because of the sheer length of time before an adverse decision will be promulgated, as in the case mentioned above.

So, why go through the whole illogical exercise of putting some kind of virus into your own child’s body to “protect him/her from that same virus,” and subject child’s life to the wisdom of vested interests, when the mere combination of good nutrition and regular physical exercise is a much safer route?

Of course, if you need a more aggressive approach, while bypassing the pharmaceutical grid altogether, you can always have your own non-toxic and non-invasive antiviral system that doesn’t discriminate the type of virus you want to exterminate on demand. It neutralizes them all!

How about mandatory vaccinations?

Mandatory vaccination is always tied to the child’s access to primary education. You can always circumvent the desire of the local government for mandatory vaccination by educating your child right in the comfort of your own home, where real education emanates from.

And when they come knocking on your door, use the Second Amendment with no more questions asked. Somebody has to take a stand to inspire others to do the same. Install a CCTV outside if you plan to do this.

Remember, no power or authority will ever succumb to the will of the majority if the latter remain silent and apathetic. Connect with other victims and formulate the right course of action. If you support the decisive action on the border, why not take a decisive action against the true enemies of the State from within?

We have yet to see America as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. The world is watching impatiently.

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