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Planned Parenthood’s Business Model: Abortion Quotas & Selling Fetuses

Abby Johnson was a clinic manager at a Planned Parenthood clinic for 8 years. In the interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson below, she discusses what her responsibilities were.

Abby: I took care of just the day-to-day operations, hiring and firing personnel, making sure that our budgets were maintained, including our abortion quota that we had to maintain every month, so that was my job.

Tucker: You mean you had to perform a certain number of abortions every month?

Abby: That’s right. So, every abortion facility within Planned Parenthood has a monthly abortion quota that they must meet.

Tucker: Why?

Abby: That’s how they make their money. About 50% of their income is just cash from abortion services. And so, in order to keep their clinics open, they have to sell so many abortions.

Tucker: But what about all the mammograms and the life-saving work they do?

Abby: Yeah, you know, funny about mammograms, there is not a Planned Parenthood in the country that provides mammogram services, they don’t provide pre-natal care, they don’t do a lot of the things that they say that they do.

Let’s think about that for a minute. If any company’s business model involves a quota, that means that they will favor a person ‘buying’ what they are selling over not ‘buying’ it. This is understandable in many cases. But in the case of Planned Parenthood, which assumes a position of high moral authority in the field of reproductive health and supposedly is the supreme defender of a woman’s ‘right to choose,’ there is a clear conflict of interest.

In practice, as a business, Planned Parenthood inevitably is not able to objectively support a woman’s right to choose. They will support a woman’s right to an abortion, because that is what is dictated by their business model and upon which their survival as a clinic is dependent upon. And as Johnson describes in the interview, there are strategies employed in their interactions with young girls and women that actually aim to maximize the number of abortions that end up being performed.

They Sell Fetuses Too

Tucker: So they also sell fetal tissue, baby parts, and you also saw that happen. What are the economics of that?

Abby: Yeah, at the affiliate I worked at, we sold the whole body for about $200 per fetus. That went to a company called Amphioxus, and, you know, the Houston facility, the largest–I worked for that affiliate–it’s the second largest facility in the Western hemisphere, second largest to China, and we were doing, we had capacity to perform about 75 abortions every day, 6 days a week. So if you look at even half of those women having tissue that is suitable to be donated–‘donated,’ or sold, then you’re looking at over $2 million a year just at that one clinic.

Tucker: But I thought that Planned Parenthood, or any facility like Planned Parenthood, is not allowed to sell human parts.

Abby: Yeah, it’s interesting, because the way that they line-item everything, it looks like it’s a legitimate business transaction, but if you–because the law says that they can charge for things like shipping and handling and, you know, things like that. And so if they line-item it correctly, then it looks like that you’re just paying for handling services, or for shipping services, but really there is no additional handling involved, there is no additional shipping involved, Amphioxus came and picked up the parts from our facility, but if you line-item it correctly, that’s how they’re skirting around the law.

When I first heard that Planned Parenthood was actually making a profit selling aborted fetuses in whole or in part, it was a shock to my system. However, I believed that since the practice had been revealed that it would have immediately been stopped. However, this has hardly been the case.

The fact that these transactions continue to go on unabated tells me that those who are really in power don’t mind that these practices are going on, and in fact have little regard for the sanctity of human life. Planned Parenthood cannot use their tired narrative to justify this. Profiting from the sale of aborted fetal tissue has absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose.

“It Becomes A Joke”

What is equally disturbing is hearing about the person Abby became while working at the clinic. There is clearly a desensitization that goes on for those who work in such environments, such that they lose touch with that which is sacred regarding human life.

Tucker: So in your 8 years there, did any of your co-workers ever acknowledge how ghoulish and horrible the whole thing is, just the whole enterprise that you were in the middle of?

Abby: Yeah, I mean, I think, though, what happens is – and this happened to me as well–when you’re working inside an industry like that, you become very dark, and you stop seeing just the heinous acts that you’re participating in and it becomes a joke. And I remember my supervisor, you know, joking about the babies that we aborted, and things, you know, like our security code on our alarm was 2229, because that spells out ‘BABY,’ and they thought that was just hilarious. The freezer in the lab where we pieced together baby parts, and after we reassembled them, we would put them in this freezer, everybody jokingly called that ‘the nursery.’ So, you begin to have this very dark humor, and even though, I mean you have to at some point recognize what we’re doing is really heinous and really gruesome, you sort of build up this callous.

If you have been paying attention to patterns, you will notice that profit over the sanctity of human life pervades the entire Western medical industry. Research for cures and treatments are funded based only on the potential return on investment, not on what will be effective or be safe. And tremendous efforts have been made to normalize this to the extent that we, as individuals, are being trained to value personal profit above a regard for human life.

The Takeaway

Signs of barbaric and inhumane activities are being uncovered more and more, not only in the medical profession, but in all spheres of human activity. Primarily, these can serve to awaken us and compel us to choose the values we stand for and the type of society we want to create. The time has come for us to collectively face and confront that which we may have avoided and denied in the past in order to foster the collective evolution that awaits us.

The people who established this machinery for eugenic holocaust don’t think the same way you do. That’s why it is so hard to comprehend something as gruesome as this one when superimposed with your own set of paradigms, such that you will succumb to disbelief and denial.

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