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FDA Halts Sordid Practice of Young Blood Plasma Infusion to Reverse Aging

Child trafficking is not just about pedophilia, but organ harvesting and young blood plasma infusion for the rich and famous. For decades, all accounts about this medical malpractice and the regular Satanic rituals involving child sacrifices in the catacombs of the Vatican, as per first-hand confessions made by Leo Zagami and a certain “Svali”, have been labeled as conspiracy theories, but recent headlines are now exposing how the rich and famous were actually using this morbid protocol to enhance their longevity.

Even the Oscar awardee pseudo-humanitarian White Helmets were also exposed as engaging in child organ harvesting during their heydays with ISIS terrorists in Syria, to fulfill orders from elite customers worldwide.

The Guardian reported the following in 2015,

A series of experiments has produced incredible results by giving young blood to old mice. Now the findings are being tested on humans. Ian Sample meets the scientists whose research could transform our lives.

On an August morning in 2008, Tony Wyss-Coray sat in a conference room at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California, waiting for his lab’s weekly meeting to begin. Wyss-Coray, a professor of neurology at Stanford University, was leading a young group of researchers who studied ageing and neurodegeneration. As a rule, the gatherings were forgettable affairs – the incremental nature of scientific progress does not lend itself to big surprises. But a lab member scheduled to speak that day had taken on a radical project, and he had new results to share.

Saul Villeda, an ebullient PhD student with slick black hair and a goatee, had spent the past year engrossed in research that called to mind the speculative medical science of the middle ages. He was investigating whether the old and frail could be rejuvenated by infusions of blood from the young. The hypothesis was not as absurd as it might sound.

Villeda had conducted pilot studies with pairs of surgically conjoined mice that shared a blood supply for several weeks. Young mice received blood from older mice, and old mice received blood from younger ones. Villeda wanted to see the effect on their brains. Neurons in ageing brains lose their connections and start to die off; ultimately, the brain shrinks and becomes less effective. A region called the hippocampus, crucial for memory and learning, is one of the first to deteriorate with age, causing people’s memories and thought processes to falter.

… “There was a palpable electricity in the room,” Wyss-Coray recalled. “I remember seeing the images for the first time and saying, ‘Wow.’” Old mice that received young blood experienced a burst of brain cell growth in the hippocampus. They had three to four times as many newborn neurons as their counterparts. But that was not all: old blood had the opposite effect on the brains of young mice, stalling the birth of new neurons and leaving them looking old before their time.

The other scientists in the room were stunned. Some were sceptical. Could it be real? “This could be big,” said Wyss-Coray. “If an old mouse starts to make more neurons when you give it young blood? That is amazing.”

Since that meeting seven years ago, research on this topic has moved on dramatically.”

This experiment did not escape the attention of the Raiders of Silicon Valley,

“Over the summer it became apparent that Silicon Valley wingnut Peter Thiel was fascinated with the prospect of extending his life by transfusing the blood of younger humans into his veins. This revelation (although not shocking given Thiel’s notorious oddities and obsession with fringe elixirs) touched off a storm of cheap vampire-joke headlines. But it also put a spotlight on the trove of research that sparked Thiel’s literal bloodlust—studies showing that mice infused with the blood of their youngers experienced signs of rejuvenation and statistically longer lives.”

Today, the FDA warning against infusing young blood plasma for having “no proven clinical benefit.”

Taking a young person’s plasma and infusing it into an older person to ward off aging — a therapy that’s fascinated some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley — has no proven clinical benefit, the Food and Drug Administration said.

The agency issued a safety alert on Tuesday about the infusion of plasma from young donors for the prevention of conditions such as aging or memory loss, or for the treatment of such conditions as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or post‐traumatic stress disorder.

“There is no proven clinical benefit of infusion of plasma from young donors to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent these conditions, and there are risks associated with the use of any plasma product,” the FDA said in a statement from Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Peter Marks, head of the agency’s biologics center.

… Thiel’s reported interest was sparked by a company called Ambrosia, which has locations in five states across the U.S. and sells one liter of blood plasma from donors between the ages of 16 and 25 for $8,000, according to its website.

FDA’s motivation to stop the practice, of course, is not primarily to protect the children, but to preserve the profitability of its longtime benefactor, i.e. the Big Pharma.

There is, however, a more decent and natural way to achieve longevity without hurting our children in the process, and without the use of toxic and invasive conventional modalities.

We have been promoting for the last 10 years about the undeniable virtues of blood electrification, one of the most obvious of which is the decisive neutralization of all types of viruses and parasites in the bloodstream. Experts in the field are fully aware that as the blood parasites are eliminated on a daily basis, the system gradually regenerates more than 2000 types of neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and the body in specific ways. Different neuropeptides are involved in a wide range of brain functions, including analgesia, reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning and memory.

As discussed in the mice experiment above, the…

“Old mice that received young blood experienced a burst of brain cell growth in the hippocampus. They had three to four times as many newborn neurons as their counterparts.”

In short, when there is no parasite that’s literally consuming the neurons and neuropeptides in the system, the body itself can function normally and could regenerate new healthy cells faster than before, which should in effect prevent, or retard, cellular deterioration, or aging.

What this means is, there really is no need for vampirism among the Elite. But what can we expect from people so intoxicated with power, in combination with gross ignorance of life’s true processes?

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