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Why does Science Not Give People A Cure for Cancer?

It’s not for Science to find the cure for cancer, if such can be found somewhere else outside the human body, but for people to use Science to do it. If they will do so, then they will soon find that the cure for cancer has already existed.

The problem is: those who were tasked and financed to do it had been looking somewhere else. Instead of using their knowledge on genetic engineering for the betterment of mankind by way of longevity technologies, they are concentrating on the autonomous spreading of bad genes, as far and wide as possible.

The latest of these destructive pursuits is CRISPR Gene Drive.

Gene drive is basically accomplished by favoring certain genetic features of a particular species that would enable the next generation to genetically behave in a certain way, say not carry pathogens. That’s neat and dandy until one realizes that it can also be made to carry more pathogens instead.

Consider the successful development of an insecticide resistant mosquitoes released in the different regions of Africa.

The largest ever genetic study of mosquitoes reveals the movement of insecticide resistance between different regions of Africa and finds several rapidly evolving insecticide resistance genes. Reported today (29 November) in Nature, this genetic resource will be used to develop new tools for monitoring resistance and managing insecticide use, and for designing novel control methods.

Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes and rising resistance to insecticides is hampering efforts to control the disease. The study by researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and their collaborators also discovered that wild mosquitoes collected in Africa were genetically far more diverse than had been thought. This helps to explain how mosquitoes evolve insecticide resistance so quickly.

This was sold earlier through the research and development of pest resistant corn and rice. The latter should have been more preferable than the former. Under the control of madmen, science has become a tool for our own destruction.

Behind this gene drive to “eliminate bad species in the wild” is DARPA, a US advanced military research body. This means that the object of the research is multifaceted, and they are not always benevolent as in the case with previous genetic research involving engineered and patented viruses.

This would not have been made public until the ETC Group directed by Silvia Ribeiro, requested for more information from various universities involved in the research through the Freedom of Information Act.

Interestingly, even those who were involved in the early part of the research is ringing the alarm bells of its possible “uncontrollable” consequences.

Although Professor Esvelt was among the scientists who first described how gene drive could be accomplished by making CRISPR genome editing heritable, in the new article the authors say that the original suggestion that self-propagating gene drive systems might be suitable for conservation “was a mistake.”

Professor Gemmell believes there is still “huge merit” in using genetic technologies for conservation work. However, he says that standard self-propagating versions “may be uncontrollable” and therefore unsuited to conservation.

“The bottom line is that making a standard, self-propagating CRISPR-based gene drive system is likely equivalent to creating a new, highly invasive species – both will likely spread to any ecosystem in which they are viable, possibly causing ecological change.”

Any country which will implement this type of technology must understand that there is no ecological borderline by which such measure will be limited in its effects and long-term consequence. Once it is released to the wild, it can spread all over the planet and there would be no turning back.

There were Better Solutions

This was Priore’s laboratory back in the 1960s. The table is actually an animal cage where test subjects are treated by a large electromagnetic coil suspended just above it.

When Tesla was murdered in 1943, he had already laid down the foundation of how we should advance into the 21st century and beyond, especially in the field of free energy, antigravity, and electrotherapy. Following this mindset was Antoine Priorê who found a worthy sponsor – the French Government. But like Tesla, Priore’s benefactor withdrew when it was already made clear that his machine does work far more than what was expected.

“In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Antoine Priorê and a team of leading French scientists demonstrated conclusive, total remissions of terminal tumors and infectious diseases in hundreds of laboratory animals. Their research was performed under rigorous scientific protocols and funded by the French Government. The approach employed very complicated mixing of multiple electromagnetic signals [EM wave] in a rotating plasma, and modulating the mixed output upon a very strong rippling magnetic field to which the body of the test animal was exposed. Complete remission of the treated diseases was obtained.

In addition, the animals’ immune systems were also restored to normal. Further, disease-specific antibodies were also created: a single drop of blood drawn from an animal that had been treated and recovered, and injected into the body of a second animal with the same terminal illness, resulted in total remission of the disease in the second animal and its total recovery.”

– Thomas E. Bearden

In trying to explain the mechanics of how the Priorê Machine works, Bearden has this to say:

“The electrical physics is based on the Stoney, Whittaker, and Ziolkowski decomposition of the scalar EM potential into bidirectional EM wave pairs. Deliberate assembly of such a structure forms a vacuum engine of nested curvatures of local spacetime. Priore unwittingly made such a hyperspatially structured vacuum engine, one with the special characteristic that it time-reversed (dedifferentiated) diseased, but also fully restores the cells and “factories” of the patient’s immune system because they too revert back to their previous healthy condition.”

Another fascinating proof of the endless capabilities of the human brain is the super sensitive microscope that allows us to peep through the microscopic world of the virus.

Royal Raymond Rife and his microscope.

In 1913, Royal R. Rife was fascinated by bacteriology, microscopes and electronics. For the next seven years (including a mysterious period in the Navy during World War I in which he travelled to Europe to investigate foreign laboratories for the U.S. government), he thought about and experimented in a variety of fields as well as mastered the mechanical skills necessary to build instruments such as the world had never imagined.

By the late 1920s, the first phase of his work was completed. He had built his first microscope, one that broke the existing principles, and he had constructed instruments which enabled him to electronically destroy specific pathological micro-organisms.

Rife believed that the minuteness of the viruses made it impossible to stain them with the existing acid or aniline dye stains. He’d have to find another way. Rife’s second microscope was finished in 1929. In an article which appeared in The Los Angeles Times Magazine on December 27, 1931, the existence of the light-staining method was reported to the public:

Bacilli may thus be studied by their light, exactly as astronomers study moons, suns, and stars by the light which comes from them through telescopes. The bacilli studied are living ones, not corpses killed by stains.

Throughout most of this period, Rife also had been seeking a way to identify and then destroy the micro-organism which caused cancer. His cancer research began in 1922.

It would take him until 1932 to isolate the responsible micro-organism which he later named simply the “BX virus.”

“With the frequency instrument treatment, no tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible, and no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and 3 minutes later the treatment is completed. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus or bacteria. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.”

– Raymond Rife

Another groundbreaking technology came out through the US Patent 5814094 titled “Iontopheretic System for Healing of Tissues and Regeneration” which was awarded on September 29, 1998 to Dr. Robert O. Becker, who turned away from the biochemical and mechanistic approach to medicine to one that is saner and more natural, i.e. the use of electricity, for stimulating tissue and bone regeneration.

Bone and tissue regeneration technology.

“I’ve been able to tack against the prevailing winds of orthodoxy and indulge my passion for experiment. In so doing I’ve been part of a little-known research effort that has made a new start toward a definition of life.” – Dr. Robert O. Becker, The Body Electric

During his research days in the ‘60s, he was already attempting to regenerate full organs like the heart, liver, spinal cord and brain. Sadly, his research funding was withdrawn for reasons we can only speculate.

It is important to understand that while these devices and methods could certainly reduce the population of the microorganisms facilitating the growth of cancer, what they do is not exactly curing the body from such diseases. They merely assist the immune system where it failed.

As always, it will be the body’s own regenerative mechanisms that will provide the impetus and materials for healing.

The full restoration of the autoimmune system by way of arterial blood electrification through a device like Virutron, and cellular regeneration inherent in our body will make it possible the achievement of full remission against any type of cancer.

The final question now would be: Why the good technologies are not allowed to see the light of day, while bad technologies are being used without mainstream media noise, and no regulating oversight committees were organized to deal with the problem?

Indeed, there’s no drought when it comes to real scientific solutions to cancer, but the medical priesthood will lose its way of life, and the chemical industry needs to say goodbye to high profits if such technologies ever become the new normal.

The economic system must be changed to do away with the need for money. Technologies already exist to make it happen. But a select few, who never made any of these discoveries, consider being at the top of the pyramid makes them adorable.

While forced competition has led us to what we have today, but cooperation can definitely do better without industrial waste, poverty, disease and war.

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