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Italy Will Accept Parents’ Word Regarding Children Vaccinations

The new Italian populist government will now honor every parent’s assertion about their non-compliance to school vaccination efforts provided they can present a doctor’s note to the effect. This measure presents an opportunity for the parents to refrain their children from ever be vaccinated, and for the doctors to profit for every non-vaccination permit issued to them.

In short, whether you submit the next generation to willful bloodline decapitation or not, the system will surely still profit from either decision. But it is still something to be grateful about, you know, to have a merciful state like Italy today, isn’t it?

NYTimes reports:

ROME — Italian parents will no longer have to provide state-run schools with a doctor’s note to show that their children have been vaccinated, the country’s new populist government announced on Thursday — a move that raised alarm among experts who fear that compliance with vaccines will drop.

The new rule, announced at a news conference by Giulia Grillo, Italy’s health minister and a prominent member of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, requires only the assurance of parents that their children are immunized to enroll in school this September.

The government said its aim was to simplify enrollment procedures and enable school participation for all, including children whose parents do not have their paperwork in order yet.

“We want to spur school inclusion and simplify rules for parents,” Ms. Grillo said.

But critics of the move say the Italian government is eroding faith in science and public norms.

“Weakening a law that works, that Italians are respecting and is doing some good to children and to the health system is a self-destructive strategy,” said Roberto Burioni, a virologist at San Raffaele University in Milan.

Since last year, Italian schoolchildren have been required to have 10 vaccinations. They are offered free to children, said Mr. Burioni, an online campaigner who spreads scientific information on vaccines.

But vaccination rates in Italy and elsewhere in Europe are lower than in the United States. Last year, Germany cracked down on parents who refused to vaccinate their babies before enrolling them in kindergarten, and France introduced fines against noncompliant parents.

Mr. Burioni noted that in Italy, a doctor-signed certificate of good health is required even for people wanting to take swimming classes.

“And if I die while I swim, I am not hurting anyone else,” he said. “Here, we are here trusting people on something that does hurt everyone else.”

There are far better alternatives to the willful injection of viruses just so the immune system could have something to practice on. To further aggravate matters, there are numerous findings that the individual effects of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde mixed with the virus already in the vaccines could multiply 100 times more inside the nervous system of the victims.

The immune system will surely respond more readily to any new infection provided that there is enough energy for it to do so.

Good nutrition, adequate rest, regular physical exercise and the full avoidance of toxic substance intake are more than enough to quell an epidemic. If one needs more than that, then the electric current can certainly do the job pretty well. But they don’t offer this ultimate solution to all problems related to viral infections.


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