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AIDS & The WHO Connection – Criminal Intent

A 1972 report (Bulletin 47) issued by the World Health Organization referred to an immune virus requested which would selectively destroy the Human T Cell System, to be distributed in conjunction with a Nationwide vaccination program “to observe the results”. This coincided precisely with the extensive Small Pox vaccination program in central Africa & Hepatitis B program (Africa & throughout the Americas etc.) – shortly preceding the outbreak of AIDS in Africa, America & elsewhere.

by Joel Lord, Vaccine Resistance Movement, 10th March 2010 

Note: The determining factor most common in AIDS victims is the breakdown of the T Cell System in the body.  Just another disturbing coincidence.

“There is a blueprint, the 1971 research logic of the US Special (HIV) Virus program…a virus that only targets certain persons – as is evidenced by the epidemiology. Here is the final phase, the clinical trials. It was placed in the Small Pox vaccines that went to Africa. Every epidemiology that we have regarding the beginning of HIV & AIDS shows that as Small Pox ended,

HIV & AIDS began in mass in Africa. HIV and AIDS began in mass in the late 1970’s as a result of the US Special Virus program and the complementation of that vaccine (Small Pox vaccine program in Africa) with this special virus (T-Cell disruptor component – authorized by Henry Kissinger) that shows the development of HIV over a period from 1962-1978.

How dare you have a Federal Virus program that precedes the greatest onslaught of murder in the history of the world, and you don’t want to acknowledge the program, and you certainly don’t want to review it. The people demand it. This Federal program lies at the heart of HIV & AIDS and it needs to be reviewed.” Dr. Boyd Graves – formal testimony given shortly before his premature death

The Smoking gun of AIDS: 1971 Flowchart / Federal Virus Program Commission – coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers and fifteen years of progress reports of a secret federal virus development program. * The epidemiology of AIDS is an identical match to ‘research logic’ identified in the five section foldout. The joint US/USSR Project was run by Dr. Robert Galio.

“Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million. It is a highly controversial issue  and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of massive killing of large populations.” Dr. Donald MacArthur: Department of Defense Appropriation Hearings/1970

‘The same technique that you make human T-cell leukemia virus from bovine leukemia virus is how you make human AIDS virus from bovine visna virus. And you take that virus and grow it in human tissue.

In 1978 a paper was published in which they were growing bovine visna virus in human tissue.And of course, that’s how you adopt that virus in human.

In that paper in 1978, which was published in The Journal of General Virology, for anybody who’s interested, said, “Is it possible, might it be, could it be that this virus is capable of producing either malignancy or a slow-virus disease of humans?”

And of course, what is the malignancy? The malignancy is Kaposi’s sarcoma, and of course the slow-virus disease of humans is AIDS.’ Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, one of the world’s preeminant vaccine researchers has just laid out a damning report implicating the CDC, WHO, numerous Vaccine manufacturers along with Government Agencies in collusion with The Rockefeller Trust, Rupert Murdoch & other Media, Real Estate & Medical Industry moguls – in a genocidal plot to use vaccines, in particular the H1N1 flu vaccine as a bio-weapon to deliberately sicken & depopulate the planet.

Excerpts from Affidafit: Dr. Len Horowitz Files Pandemic Charges Against Rockefeller Trust –

The Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) is undoubtedly linked to the origin of HIV/AIDS as evidenced by its documentation revealing HIV co-discoverer, Dr. Robert Gallo, and his employment with the National Cancer Institute overseeing Litton Bionetics’s contract (71-2025) “Investigation of Viral Carcinogenesis in Primates,” as “Project Officer.” This document relates to the Merck company SVCP contract (71-2059) “Oncogenic Virus Research and Vaccine Development,” directed by Dr. Maurice Hilleman.

The SVCP was speciously investigated in 2002 by the United States General Accounting Office (GAO-02-809R Origin of AIDS Virus), that concluded its fraudulent study in June 17, 2002. The investigation was forced by persecuted, and later incarcerated, Honorable Ohio Congressman, James A. Traficant, Jr.

Before his death, Dr. Hilleman, Merck’s vaccine division chief, stated that he brought the AIDS virus into North America in contaminated monkeys destined for vaccine research at Merck. This suppressed interview was posted by this affiant on You Tube where it is currently viewable.

Litton Bionetics also exclusively administered the NCI’s facilities at Fort Detrick, Maryland at the time Litton supplied chimpanzees were used by the CDC, FDA, NIAID, and the Merck drug company to produce four subtypes of hepatitis B virus vaccines for testing on at least three known populations: 1. homosexual men in New York City, 2. African villagers in Zaire/Congo/Uganda, and 3. Willowbrook State School for mentally retarded children on Staten Island in New York. The latter studies were conducted under U.S Army contract with the New York University Medical Center’s Dr. Saul Krugman.

Thus, the leading HIV/AIDS institute in the US, the NIAID, directed by the leading American infectious disease official, HIV/AIDS czar, and leading swine flu vaccination proponent, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has grossly and criminally neglected compelling documents and solid science that indicts Merck, the FDA, CDC, and his own NIAID. The suppressed and neglected evidence proves the origin of the world’s deadliest plague, AIDS, was triggered by hepatitis B vaccinations advanced by this alliance between these defendants’ public and private enterprises.

Additional analysis of published genetic analyses concordant with this suppressed thesis and documented history of the SVCP, and related HIV activity, will prove to any reasonable person the NIAID played a central role in the aforementioned hepatitis B vaccine studies. (See: USDHEW Virology: Volume 4 — Control of Viral Infections. NIAID Task Force Report. Bethesda, MD: Public Health Service, NIH, 79-1834, 1979, p. 20; 65-78)’

‘Dr. Fauci is also co-patent holder on  ‘Immunologic enhancement with intermittent interleukin-2 therapy‘ described as being central to gene therapies and the future of “geneto-pharmaceuticals.” The Assignee on this patent is: The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health (Washington, D.C.)

“We might not ever get a vaccine for HIV.” Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID/New England Journal Of Medicine

Regarding the history of IL-2, now in vaccine adjuvant, on Monday, Oct. 6, 2008, Dr. John Niederhuber, the director of the NCI, told Lawrence K. Altman of the New York Times that Dr. Gallo “was instrumental in every major aspect of the discovery of the AIDS virus.” He added: “Dr. Gallo discovered interleukein-2 (Il-2), an immune system signaling molecule, which was necessary for the discovery of the AIDS virus, serving as a coculture factor that allowed the virus to grow.” Dr. Fauci added to this,”There’s no doubt that Bob Gallo made enormous contributions to AIDS research, and if the Nobel rules allowed four recipients, Bob would belong in the group”.

‘I am aware that IL-2 is the “common denominator” among immune system functions, and can cause severe side effects. IL-2 has been recommended for adjuvants.  New research on Dr. Fauci’s IL-2 in the “proprietary” formula of swine flu vaccine adjuvants show IL-2 caused no benefit whatsoever stimulating the immune systems of 5,800 subjects at a cost of $85 million. CHIRON and taxpayers paid the tab. Yet, more money and time will be spent researching Drs. Fauci and Gallo’s darling drug.’ Dr. Leonard Horowitz

“In 1969 US Defense Dep’t requested and got $10 million to make the AIDS virus in labs as a political/ethnic weapon to be used mainly against Blacks. The World Health Organization started to inject AIDS-laced smallpox vaccine into over 100 million Africans (population reduction) in 1977. And over 2000 young white male homosexuals in 1978 with the hepatitis B vaccine through the Centers for Disease Control/New York Blood Center.” Dr. Robert Strecker M.D., Ph.D.

LITTON BIONETICS & THE BIRTH OF AIDS VIRUS: “During the past year [1970] macaques were inoculated at birth or in utero with the Mason-Pfizer monkey mammary virus, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), Herpesvirus saimiri, and Marek’s disease virus. EB virus was given with immuno-stimulation and immuno-suppression (ALS, prednisone, imuran). Australian antigen [HB virus] was given to newborn African green monkeys.”

“[B]reeding and holding colonies were surveyed for antibody to EBV. All breeders were positive and their offspring contain maternal antibody for several months… [Moreover,] An RNA-dependent DNA polymerase, [the primary AIDS-linked enzyme] similar to that associated with RNA tumor viruses, was detected in human leukemic cells but not in normal cells stimulated by phytohemagglutinin. The enzyme was isolated, purified and concentrated 200-fold, making possible its further characterization and study in relation to the leukemic process in man.” Special Virus Cancer Program: Report

Dr. Robert Gallo, credited for co-discovering HIV in 1984, actually served as “Project Officer” for the NCI, overseeing Litton’s development and testing of various cancer-causing viruses. All of the money for this program was also administered by BIONETICS, the U.S. Army’s 6th top biological weapons developer at that time, and the NCI’s chief SVCP contractor and supplier of viruses, viral cell lines, monkeys and chimpanzees, used to generate carcinogenic infections, and then experiment with various vaccines in efforts to prevent and reverse the cancers these researchers created in their lab cultures and infected animals.

‘I thought it was just a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccinia. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of AIDS. In obliterating one disease, another was transformed.‘ Adviser to WHO, London Times interview, 05/11/87

“The link between the WHO program and the (Smallpox) epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV.” Dr. Robert Gallo, M,D

“The (AIDS) epidemic did not begin in Africa. The first AIDS cases were uncovered in Manhattan in 1979. At that time there were no reported African cases. In fact, the AIDS epidemic in Africa did not begin until the autumn of 1982 at the earliest. There was no AIDS in America until the exact year the government began experimenting with gay men.” Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD

Smallpox AIDS connection

‘There is a close connection between the rise of genetic engineering & mixing of viruses in the early 1970s and the outbreak of HIV in the late 1970s. This connection persists in the form of the many unprecedented “emerging diseases” caused by “new viruses” that continue up to the present time. In 1970 the discovery of a cell enzyme, called “reverse transcriptase” by Howard Temin and David Baltimore, allowed molecular biologists to detect so-called retroviruses in some animal cancers. It was soon recognised that retroviruses could be found normally in the genes of many animal cells, and that scientists could manipulate these viruses to produce detrimental effects on the immune system.

In “species jumping” laboratory experiments, many viruses were transferred between different animal species and were also adapted to human cells.

The earliest AIDS cases in America can be clearly traced back to the time period when the hepatitis B experiment began at the New York Blood Centre. The Centre began injecting gay men with multiple doses of the experimental vaccine in November 1978. The inoculations ended in October 1979, less than two years before the official start of the epidemic. Most importantly, the vaccine was developed in chimpanzees – the primate now thought to contain the “ancestor” virus of HIV. Also downplayed is the Centre’s pre-AIDS connection to primate research in Africa and also to a primate centre in the New York City area. The final experimental vaccine was also made by Merck and the NIH from the pooled serum specimens of countless gay men who carried the hepatitis B virus in their blood.

Founded in 1965, LEMSIP was affiliated with New York University Medical Centre, where the first cases of AIDS-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma were discovered in 1979. NYU Medical Centre researchers were also heavily involved in the development of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine, and the Centre received government grants and contracts connected with biological warfare research beginning in 1969, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola (1996). In 1974 Prince, with the support of Aaron Kellner, President of the NYBC, moved the chimp hepatitis research to a new primate centre called Vilab II in Robertsfield, Liberia, in Africa. Chimps were captured from various parts of West Africa and brought to VILAB. The lab also prides itself by releasing “rehabilitated” chimps back into the wild. One cannot help but wonder if some of the purported “ancestors” of HIV in the African bush have their origin in chimpanzees held in African primate labs for vaccine and medical experimentation.

The hepatitis B experiment, which inoculated over 1,000 healthy gay men, was a huge success with 96% of the men developing antibodies again the hepatitis virus. This high rate of success could not have been achieved if the men were immunosuppressed, because immunosuppressed people do not easily form antibodies to the vaccine. The experiment was followed by similar hepatitis B experiments using gay men in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver and St. Louis, beginning in March 1980 and ending in October 1981, the same year the epidemic became official. In the mid-1980s the many blood specimens donated by the gay Manhattan men during the experiment were retrospectively examined for HIV infection by researchers at the NYBC. It was determined that 6% of the specimens donated between 1978-1979 were positive for HIV. By 1984 (the end of the study period) over 40% of the men tested positive for HIV.

In 1994 it was reported that KS is actually caused by a new “herpes-8” virus. KS ((Kaposi’s sarcoma) cases were first discovered in the late nineteenth century; and before AIDS it was a rare form of cancer. Before AIDS, KS was a non-transmissible disease that was never seen in young American men. The finding of a new KS virus indicates that two different viruses (HIV & KS) were simultaneously introduced into gay men when AIDS began in the late 1970s. No rational explanation has been put forth for this bizarre occurrence; and how this “new” virus could cause a gay epidemic of KS has never been explained satisfactorily. Further complicating the “sole cause” of AIDS scenario is the recent discovery of tiny bacterial forms known as “mycoplasma.” Luc Montagnier believes these microbes are important infectious “co-factors” in the development of AIDS, although most AIDS researchers ignore mycoplasma.’ Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD


‘The Secretary of Defense may enter into agreements with the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide support for vaccination programs of the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States through use of the excess peacetime biological weapons defense capability of the Department of Defense.‘

UPDATE: A State-of-the-Art AIDS Vaccine, grown in a genetically modified variant of diseased Green Monkey Simian virus SV40 is currently undergoing Clinical testing – ‘The researchers gave 24 healthy rhesus macaques a vaccine containing a genetically modified form of the virus, rhesus cytomegalovirus (CMV). In 13 of the monkeys, the vaccine appeared to offer protection against simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), monkey equivalent of HIV. Of these 13, 12 monkeys were still protected one year on.’

Center for Comparative Medicine and Department of Medical Pathology Study, 09/02 – A recombinant rhesus cytomegalovirus expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein retains the wild-type phenotype and pathogenicity in fetal macaques:

Findings of Study: ‘To facilitate identification of rhesus cytomegalovirus (RhCMV)-infected cells, a recombinant virus expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP), designated RhCMV-EGFP, was constructed. An expression cassette for EGFP under the control of the simian virus 40 (SV40) early promoter was inserted into the intergenic region between unique short 1 (US1) and US2 of the RhCMV genome by homologous recombination. RhCMV-EGFP exhibited comparable growth kinetics to that of wild-type virus in rhesus fibroblast cultures and retained its pathogenicity in monkey fetuses. Typical neurologic syndromes caused by CMV infection were observed in all fetuses experimentally inoculated with RhCMV-EGFP, as evidenced by sonographic and gross examinations. Systemic RhCMV infections were established in all fetuses, as viral antigen was detected in multiple organs and virus was isolated from fetal blood samples. The engineered viral genome was stable following rapid serial passages in vitro and multiple rounds of replication in vivo. Infected cells could be readily distinguished by green fluorescence both in tissue cultures and in the fetuses. In addition, EGFP (marker gene product) expression was detected in various cell types that were permissive to RhCMV infection, consistent with a broad tissue tropism of the SV40 promoter.’

Evasion of CD8+ T Cells Is Critical for Superinfection by Cytomegalovirus: ‘Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can superinfect persistently infected hosts despite CMV-specific humoral and cellular immunity; however, how it does so remains undefined. We have demonstrated that superinfection of rhesus CMV–infected rhesus macaques (RM) requires evasion of CD8+ T cell immunity by virally encoded inhibitors of major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) antigen presentation. These findings demonstrate that US2-11 glycoproteins promote evasion of CD8+ T cells in vivo, thus supporting viral replication and dissemination during superinfection, a process that complicates the development of preventive CMV vaccines but that can be exploited for CMV-based vector development.‘

Note: Study 1 – ‘These results demonstrate that RhCMV can be successfully engineered without loss of wild-type replication and pathogenic potential. Further, the spectrum of cortical anomalies and the distribution of infected cells in the brain tissues indicated that RhCMV may have preferentially targeted immature neuronal cells.’ Study 2 – ‘Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can superinfect persistently infected hosts despite CMV-specific humoral and cellular immunity.’ Both these studies previously verified the link between viral replication of animal cell substrates & a heightened risk of resulting adventious agents (rogue neoplasms or cancer); including the inevitability of mutagenic viral strains (’pathogenic potential’).

‘Production of viral vaccines generally involves inoculation of a cell substrate (surface area/casing of cell) with a vaccine seed and purification of bulk product from these cells after a sufficient time for replication of the virus or production of vaccine proteins. Other raw materials (e.g., tissue culture reagents, stabilizers) may be added to the product at various stages of production. Thus, adventitious agents could theoretically enter a viral vaccine through any of these ingredients.

Close control of the vaccine manufacturing environment (by producing vaccines in sophisticated modern facilities), appropriate testing of the raw materials, and testing of both the bulk and final products can help ensure that adventitious agents have not entered the vaccine. Most vaccines are subjected to inactivation or purification steps that can reduce likelihood of contamination with adventitious agents.’ Centers for Disease Control

“Many novel vaccines are produced in animal cell substrates, and emerging infectious diseases may theoretically be transmitted from animals to humans through these vaccines. The challenge of identifying potential adventitious agents in vaccines closely parallels the challenge of identifying the agents causing particular emerging infectious diseases.’ CDC

‘Some continuous cell lines, including Vero cells (derived from African Green Monkey kidneys – patent owned by ‘Dyncorp’) and CHO cells (derived from Chinese hamster ovaries), have been used as substrates for licensed biologicals. Cell lines might have biochemical, biological, and genetic characteristics that differ from primary or diploid cells (typically aneuploid & have accumulated genetic changes).

Because the mechanism by which most cell lines become immortal is generally unknown, and because some cell lines form tumors when inoculated into immunodeficient rodents, there are additional concerns for continuous cell lines compared with diploid cells, including the potential that transformation was caused by an adventitious agent and potential risks from residual DNA.‘ FDA Report on Guidance for Industry: Characterization and Qualification of Cell Substrates and Other Biological Materials Used in the Production of Viral Vaccines for Infectious Disease Indications

Note: ‘…there are additional concerns for continuous cell lines compared with diploid cells, including potential that transformation was caused by adventitious agent & potential risks from residual DNA’ FDA

Note: ‘Because some mammalian tumors and some cells transformed by viruses contain infectious virus, cells transformed by an unknown mechanism have a theoretical risk of containing a transforming virus.’ FDA

‘The experience in the early 1960s with SV40 contamination of poliovirus and adenovirus vaccines and the continuing questions regarding whether SV40 could be responsible for some human neoplasms (types of cancer) underscore the importance of keeping viral vaccines free of adventitious agents. This is particularly important when there is a theoretical potential for contamination of a vaccine with viruses that might be associated with neoplasia (cancer). It is unclear whether neoplastic cells have a greater or lower adventitious agent risk than other types of cells. Because they can be grown for long periods in tissue culture, there may be greater opportunities for any adventitious agents to be detected. Because neoplastic cells survive indefinitely, it is easier to qualify and bank cells that have passed all tests, especially as compared with primary cells (which are derived repeatedly from live tissue and must be re-qualified with each use). Moreover, many neoplastic cells can be grown in serum-free medium, potentially reducing the likelihood of contamination with bovine adventitious agents. However, if their growth in tissue culture is not well controlled, there may exist additional opportunities for contamination of cells with a longer lifespan.

In cases of neoplastic cells for which the transforming event is unknown, there is also a theoretical possibility that transformation occurred as a result of a previous viral infection. Because some mammalian tumors and some cells transformed by viruses contain infectious virus, cells transformed by an unknown mechanism have a theoretical risk of containing a transforming virus. Cells for which specific knowledge of the transforming event exists (and can be shown not to be a virus that persists in the cells) may be more easily characterized than cells for which there is no specific knowledge of the transforming event (which could theoretically have been due to an infection with a known or an unknown virus).In addition to assessing the possibility of contamination of cell substrates with infectious virus, it is important to consider other agents such as the agent of TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy). There are several mechanisms by which vaccine cell substrates, including neoplastic cells, could theoretically become infected with a TSE agent.’ US Food & Drug Administration


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