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Sanofi Absolving Itself from Dengvaxia Phase 3 Testing of 830 000 Filipino Children

The Sanofi PR Club is now defending themselves from their botched vaccinations of 830 000 Filipino children, some of whom are dying painfully of Dengue. 

Sanofi is now claiming that only those who have previously been infected with Dengue can use the Dengvaxia vaccines safely. By then, of course, the body of the children has already developed antibodies for such a virus, which makes the Dengvaxia vaccination program a major SCAM, on top of it being deadly as any other vaccines containing mercury, aluminum and the live “attenuated” viruses themselves.

The crux of this particular case is that the FDA Philippines based their approval of the Dengvaxia mass vaccinations on the positive assessment of the clinical trial company hired by the Department of Health, which in turn is funded by Sanofi itself.

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