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July 18, 2019 by CancerBuster

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A study done by Caroline Chen of ProPublica is showing a rather provocative finding that is challenging the objectivity of the FDA in its approval of new drugs.

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June 22, 2019 by CancerBuster

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Nearly every state in the US is part of a lawsuit against leading pharmaceutical companies which colluded to raise prices on generic medications by as much as 1,000 percent.

2019 New Cancer Cases

May 9, 2019 by CancerBuster

The Cancer Industry Expects 1.7 million New Cancer Cases in the US for 2019
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Corporate healthcare policies are based on real world figures and estimates based on actions taken from previous fiscal years, e.g. mass vaccinations.It is estimated that more than 1.7 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2019 (Table 1), according to the data published by the American Cancer Society this year.

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April 19, 2019 by CancerBuster

Chemotherapy Destroys Tumor, but Spread Cancer throughout the Body
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In a research article published in the peer-reviewed Science Translational Medicine, the group led by George S. Karagiannis has found that “several types of chemotherapy can increase the amounts of TMEM complexes and circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream.”

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Did you know that… ?

Ideally, Healthcare Science should enhance longevity instead of undermining the quality of life, but Corporate Science rules the day.

One hand creates the need for solution, i.e. diseases, through the deliberate dispersion of hazardous chemicals into our food system and the environment at large, while the other provides the solution, i.e. chemical drugs, that hides the symptoms, but ultimately destroys the autoimmune system in the long term. It is an elaborate system that sustains itself though lies and layers of deception that no ordinary man could ever have the means to unravel.

According to a high ranking pharmaceutical insider*,

  • Pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick; they want to make others think that you are sick;
  • Pharmaceutical companies invest more than 35,000 Euro (over $50,000) per physician each year to get them to prescribe their products;
  • More than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine are “paid for” by the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Corruption prevailed in the approval and marketing of drugs in some cases;
  • Illnesses are made up by the pharmaceutical industry and specifically marketed to enhance sales and market shares for the companies in question;
  • Pharmaceutical companies increasingly target children!

* The above list is from the book “Side Effects: Death”, which is the true story of corruption, bribery and fraud written by Dr. John Virapen, who has been called THE Big Pharma Insider. During his 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry internationally (most notably as general manager of Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden), Virapen was responsible for the marketing of several drugs, all of them with side effects. Now, Virapen is coming clean and telling all of the little secrets you were never intended to know! 

The end result is a stable and expanding sickness industry that keeps the population preoccupied with fear and in complete submission to the Matrix of Corporate Power that believes only in the Eugenics principle of the “survival of the fittest.” The “useless eaters”, or those who are passive and apathetic about their own conditions, deserve to die for their own inaction.

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We will change healthcare together

Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome is the height of stupidity. We cannot expect anything good from the use of toxic chemicals and radioactive protocols, then call it healthcare.

There is a better way…

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Why does the elite resort to young blood infusions?

Vampirism is not a mythical practice at all. The high and mighty are known to infuse themselves with the blood of the young in order to keep themselves healthy.

The FDA has recently sounded the alarm about the sordid practice for having “no proven clinical benefit.”

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The key to longevity is the full restoration of the autoimmune and auto regenerative systems

This can be achieved through the decisive elimination of all types of parasites and viruses in the bloodstream, which should regenerate interferons and 2000+ neuropeptide types again.

There's absolutely no need for young blood infusion at all. Nor, toxic drugs and vaccines are required when you can neutralize all adversaries on demand with Virutron™ Pro Full Spectrum Antiviral System.

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Fully Responsive User Support Ticketing System

We provide an impeccable lifetime User Support through our Support Ticketing System. This is on top of our 90-day Full Moneyback Guarantee.

Just click on the Support link from the menu, and we will be glad to help you achieve full remission.

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Towards Healthcare Emancipation – Premium Edition

Humans are highly evolved beings imbued with cognitive abilities that are far beyond those of the rest of other lifeforms on the planet.

Yet, the level of sophistication and centuries of mind control effectively defeated our ability for critical thinking and creativity, which then makes us nothing greater than human cattle adept only at following the same deprecating paradigm that defines the entire status quo, e.g. :

  • basic needs that are all subject to competition through the monetary-based system,
  • dizzying cycle of wasteful production and engineered obsolescence,
  • deliberate “no cure” in all cancer research programs.
Towards Healthcare Emancipation – Premium Edition

The best antidote, of course, is knowing what, who, and why, even with the advent of the Space Age technologies, the cure for cancer is still not in sight.

So, while they continue to promise us with their “highly advanced and expensive research studies,” we have already conquered all “incurable” diseases that we were inflicted with, and haven’t gone to the drugstore in the last 10 years yet.

Now, we’re sharing healthcare freedom with you through hundreds of full colored how-to illustrations and more!

The methods described in this eBook are all non-invasive, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and are based on multiple patented technologies that are far more effective than any vaccines, antibiotics and psychiatric drugs in the market. Good for all “incurable” diseases. No technical/medical skills required. 90-day Full Moneyback Guarantee.


Is Cancer Curable?

Cellular malfunction and subsequent deterioration known as cancer is the expected result of persistent parasitic attack, heavy chemical intoxication, and pervasive electromagnetic pollution, and not some bad case of random cellular dysfunction without cause.

Cancer, always believed to be caused by genetic cell mutations—can in reality be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. I believe that, conservatively, 15 to 20% of all cancer is caused by infections; however, the number could be larger—maybe double.”

Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, director of the Cancer Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Virutron™ Pro Full Spectrum Antiviral + NeuroSweep™ CES/tDCS in One

“Fungal infections cannot only be extremely contagious, but they also go hand in hand with leukemia—every oncologist knows this. And these infections are devastating: once a child who has become a bone marrow transplant recipient gets a secondary fungal infection, his chances of living, despite all the anti-fungal medicines in the world, are only 20%, at best.”

Dr. David Holland

If we can eliminate those cancer-causing factors by using a device like the Virutron PRO Full Spectrum Antiviral + NeuroSweep CES/tDCS in One, in conjunction with a reliable water ozonizer for removing all chemical toxins in the body, and reducing, if not a complete avoidance of, the use of wireless devices, then there’s no reason for cancer and all infectious diseases to persist.

Electrical pulses delivered non-invasively at the same frequencies found in Nature are more than enough to stop all adversaries dead on their tracks.

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Thank you very much for all the support through all these years…

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